Call for Presentation Proposals at the AsianSIL Interest Group on Theory and History (AsianSIL-IGTH)

We start a new series of presentations at the AsianSIL Interest Group on Theory and History (AsianSIL-IGTH), with two main purposes:
– 1) to share our latest research interests with researchers who are interested in theory and history of international law, and
– 2) to offer opportunities for young scholars to present their research outcomes in an international forum and receive comments and advice from scholars of different backgrounds and nationalities.

Any topics of theory and history of international law are welcome, but in particular the following types of topics will be most appreciated:
– 1) History of international law in Asia
– 2) Life and works of Asian scholars of international law
– 3) Theories of international law with Asian characteristics

If you have a topic to present at the THIL Interest Group of Asian Society of International Law, please register your  proposal here with the information as follows:
a) Your name and affiliation,
b) The title of your presentation,
c) An abstract of your presentation in 300-500 words,
d) Suggested dates for your presentation (which should be more than one month later. The meeting time will be, in principle, from 1100GMT to 1145 GMT for one presenter. (When we have a session with more than one presenters, it may take longer.) 

 Please note that once your proposal is accepted, we should have an online meeting to test the wifi connection. In case of poor connection or other technical difficulties, we will require the presenter to submit a video-recorded presentation. The session will be 45 minutes, in principle, with 15 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of discussion. The presenter will be required to submit a written text and/or presentation slides one week before the presentation, which will be circulated among the participants, so that the presenter can receive the most meaningful comments at the presentation session. Finally, please note that it is not required to be a member of the Asian SIL to make a presentation at AsianSIL-IGTH.

For the list of past presentations see: