Research Meetings

We started the new series of online research meetings in November 2021. Here below are the presentations topics in the reverse order. If you are interested in making a presentation, please apply here.

20 April 2022: “Treaty-Making as a Protocol of Territorial Possession in India” by Mohd Imran, Faculty of Shariah and Law, Villa College, Maldives.

9 March 2022: “International Law in the Early Years of Singapore’s independence” by Gloria Loo, Singapore.

26 January 2022:”Yu Kil-chun’s Argument of Yangjul(Two Separate) System: An Attempt to Make Two Normative Systems Stand Together” by PARK Pae Keun, Busan University, Republic of Korea.

12 January 2022: “Mochtar Kusuma-atmadja and the Concept of Archipelagic State” by Arie AFRIANSIYAH, Universitas Indonesia.

1 December 2021: “Life and Work of ONUMA Yasuaki, the founder of IGTH” by TOYODA Tetsuya, Akita International University, Japan.

10 November 2021: “Hans Morgenthau and International Law in Asia” by NISHI Taira, Kansai University, Japan.